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Accelerating the Flow of Customer Value with the ‘Eight Flow Fundamentals’ (Scaled Agile Inc.) - EN

Conférence flow Agile Framework SAFe Scale Customer

18/05/2022 | 14h45 - 15h30


SAFe is a flow-based framework, and the focus on flow is critical to applying SAFe practices correctly: they need to be implemented in a way that allows the organization to improve the flow of customer value. Flow becomes the ultimate criteria for measuring productivity improvements of a SAFe Enterprise and achieving the responsiveness required by Business Agility.
An effective way to ensure uninterrupted flow is to enable the eight basic flow fundamentals—key aspects of flow that are easy to understand, communicate, and measure. In this talk, SAFe Fellow Andrew Sales will describe this new thinking that can even further accelerate value delivery. By improving flow through this approach Agile Release Trains (ARTs), and Agile Teams will spend less time waiting, firefighting, wrestling with hand-offs and delays, and more time on building and releasing the elements of the system that deliver value to customers. And that’s more fun, too.
Learning objectives:
After attending this talk, you should be able to:
1. Recognize the importance of the eight flow fundamentals in accelerating value delivery.
2. Diagnose existing problem with ensuring flow in your context.
3. Apply the flow fundamentals at scaled to ARTs and Teams to reduce time to value.

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