SAFe transformation and growth at Airbus E2EPLM

Conférence Agile SAFe Secteur aéronautique et spatial

23/05/2023 | 10h05 - 10h45


As the 6 year anniversary of the launch of our Airbus E2EPLM agile transformation draws near, we reflect on the successes (among which noticeable improvements in Business & IM Collaboration, quality, NPS, breakdown from strategy and execution) and challenges we faced along the way. 
Discover with us the key steps and phases we went through, discuss the insights and everything we learned in our continued journey built around the SAFe framework. 
What started out as a single Agile Release Train turned into a full delivery factory portfolio, interacting with other portfolios. 
If you think agile at scale isn’t fit for a context with 2000+ applications and 2000+ people, you might change your mind.